Add Final Touches To Embellish Store Bought Cards!

Many people do have the skill and creativity to make wonderful cards all by themselves. This does not mean they always have the time to do so. Sometimes you just have to suppress your creativity and do with buying cards. But this does not end here. You can even add your own craft after buying brochure holders, brochure displays or different cards from local store.

Sprucing up those store-bought cards is easy. All you have to do is add or take away the elements according to your own liking. This best part is you can add great value to those inexpensive store bought cards. Read on to get some more ideas in this regard.

• If you have duplicate purchased cards then cut out sections from them. With the aid of paper techniques, use foam tape to elevate those cards. By bringing forth the layers of your card, more movements are given to it. You can even apply some shadows by brushing the ends of elevations with black paint. This adds an impressive natural effect.

• In case you find your card does not have enough embellishments then add more stickers and die- cuts to it. Believe it or not, you can get the most mileage from your card investment. By maintaining a craft folder, you can generate the most elegant cards for any occasion at all.

• If your card mainly comprises of printed elements then use charms and notions to make them prominent. With a finer hand and perfect color combinations, you can turn simple cards into show-stopping items. Glitter glues work the best to bring out certain minor details in your cards. Apply it wherever needed but make sure you are not overdoing them.

• You can also get creative by using the front portion of the card to stick to some older card stock. It is the best means to bring older cards into use. You can either take ideas from their designs or recycle them as a whole.

• Another idea is to take a blank card sheet and rearrange the pattern into a new design. A blank card work well as you have the option to embellish it at will. Certainly you will come across malleable items in some cards. They are just like some kind of jigsaw with which you can create all sorts of variations. After all unique themes are worthy of appreciation.

• With that done, you can move on to decorating envelopes. Outline them using some patterned paper. This will spice up the surprise the moment your friends will receive it. You can be creative with some stamps or perhaps pen doodles. This will add a fine touch but try not to hide the address in your attempt.

• Try to minimize the outer edge of the card and paste a strip from some old card to boost the contrast. Instead of a linear cut, you can use decorative scissors meant for the purpose.

By applying some of these techniques, you can add a completely different look to those custom cards purchased from the market.

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