High Altitude Locomotives

When China decided to build a   railroad  line, which would be nearly 16,000 feet high a special locomotive had to be built to run at these high altitudes, as well as oxygen had to be secured for those passengers and locomotive engineers. This technology had to be borrowed from other sources and luckily there was a multinational corporation, which was able to handle this.

General Electric has built the GE C38AChe, which is a high altitude locomotive, which runs at optimum even at high elevations. In fact, General Electric has built 78 of these GE C38AChe Locomotives. Each one having 4000 hp and to they are an engineering marvel of technology both old and new. If you look at the GE C38AChe, you see that slightly resembles a locomotive, but it’s guts are state-of-the-art technology on the leading edge of locomotive engineering. Here’s a picture;


The GE C38AChe is able to operate over the Himalayas, something no other rail line has ever achieved and a bold step for trade indeed. Apparently, whether it is building a Treasure Fleet, Great Wall, Massive Cities or even a  railroad ; China thinks big and boldly. Using the best technology in the World, China is making the grade. Consider all this in 2006.

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