Top Model Railroad Building Materials Revealed

In order to make a model railway as realistic and authentic as you possibly can, you will need to use well designed scenery. The perfectly crafted scenery will be the ultimate complement for an already well arranged model train.

Designing good scenery, though, takes some work.

The way you will go about making your scenery for your model train will be related to how much skill, money, and time you have to work with.

Scenery forms can be made in several different ways. For example, you can use plaster and screen wire. This method is an old standard and that is because it works so well.

This method of making scenery forms involves building a wood skeleton to start with. Afterwards you add screen wire to it. Finally spread n about a quarter inch of plaster on top of the wood and wire and your scenic form is complete. Both casting and molding plaster will work just fine. Some plasters that you can find are more lightweight, which might work better for what you want. Screen wire lends itself to a scenic effect since it can be easily manipulated.

You can also cover rolls of newspaper in masking tape too. Using these materials requires some work since they will tend to lose their shape if you don’t set it well.

If the paper refuses to cooperate with you, use a spray of water. To make the outside of your newspaper balls solid, dip paper towels in plaster and then place them on the outside. This is basically a paper mache project. This method works well for designing mountains and hills since it is easy to do, doesn’t cost much, and produces inexact shapes.

Cardboard strips can also be used. Cardboard is easier to work with than newspaper and masking tape and you can make more specific shapes with it. After attaching the cardboard strips to your scenic layout, use the same paper mache method from the previous paragraph.

Using hydrocal and gauze is another way to make your scenery that turns out stronger. If you dip strips of gauze into the hydrocal produced by US Gypsum, you can manipulate the gauze and let it set into very sturdy and specifically shaped designs. This method is not as messy as some others. Hydrocal is available for a low price in most craft supply stores.

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